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Miniature Liquor Collection

Monthly selection

The Monthly Selection of January is "PERFUME TREES GIN MINIATURE BOX SET - 50ml" made in Hong Kong.
Each member can only reserve 1 bottle on a first come, first served basis. For those who are interested in it, please contact us by phone or send us an
E-mail for registration.

Monthly Selection is only available for members to register.
Non-members are not accepted for registration of this monthly selection.

Our club and office will not be open during 1-6 February 2022.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

The event of China Miniature Bottle Club (preparing) - 2020 - Shanghai which was scheduled to be held on 1 August 2020 in Shanghai is now postponed to 19 December 2020 with no changes made to the venue and format.
For details, please click here [Special Notice]

The registration quota has already been full.

The novel coronavirus this time is a pandemic and the circumstances may change. We will still closely monitor the development of it. Please stay tuned to our further updates!

Due to the excessive demand of our Monthly Selection, some members have suggested us to keep a few bottles of each month's selection for auction. Hope this practice can provide another chance for members who really want the bottle but fail to win one to own it. The Auction will be conducted via Micro Photo ( ) and the highest bidders will have the item. All the proceeds by deducting the selling price of the Selection will go to the fund of our club and will be used for charitable purposes in the future.
For more details, please pay attention to our WeChat group / WhatsApp group / FACEBOOK
Welcome members to bid in the auction and donate miniatures. Please contact with me (Ms. Lau email:
The photos of these two tours have been uploaded to our FACEBOOK and [ Sharing to Members] in our website. You may also click above links for details:

  • The Facebook Fan Page of Asian Larsen Cognac Collector Club (ALCCC) - Click here into Facebook

  • The Asian Larsen Cognac Collector Club was established. You are welcomed to join this club regardless of the no. of full-size bottles or miniatures you have. We also accept non-members to join.

Hong Kong Miniature Liquor Club 25th Anniversary Gathering,

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Should you be interested in the old cognacs and antique brandies, you are always welcome to visit


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